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Pasta para Canarios GOLD PATE - ORLUX

Pasta para Canarios GOLD PATE - ORLUX
Pasta para Canarios GOLD PATE - ORLUX
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Pasta for canaries Gold Boot - Orlux
Orlux yellow paste is suitable for canaries, tropical finches and Europeans. It is also a mouthful biemn accepted by other birds are allowed.
It has a high nutritional value by adding 100% pure honey and natural. The guaranteed extra lysine and methionine provides optimum creciomiento and composition of the plumage of the bird.
This paste can be prepared with germinated seeds, grated fruit and vegetables but in this case the remaining mixture should be discarded every day.
This eggfood must be available at all times during the breeding season. Outside the season, three times a week
Packing: 1 and 5 kg

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