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Fungicida en polvo 250 gr

Fungicida en polvo 250 gr
Fungicida en polvo 250 gr
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Fungicide powder and detoxifying antigungica activi

Antifungal powder mixture and desentoxicante to be incorporated into pastas breeding and seed for feeding birds, as an inhibitor and preventive growth and proliferation of molds and yeasts. Thus the concuentes biodegradaciones, nutrient characteristics, bad taste, odor, ugly and training (mycotoxins) toxic secondary metabolites in food are avoided.
This fungicide is active against molds (Penicillium genera, Fursalum, Aspergillus, Mucor, rhizpus, absidia, trichocentium, cladospolum, Alternaria, phoma) and yeast (candida and essentially rhodoturala)
Composition: ammonium formate, propionic acid, ammonium prolonato calcium aluminosilicate and hydrated sodium.
Dose: 1 gram x kg feed.

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