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Anticoccidiosico Natural Cox Kill 200 gr

Anticoccidiosico Natural Cox Kill 200 gr
Anticoccidiosico Natural Cox Kill 200 gr
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Natural Anticocidiosico (Manitoba) Cox Kill 200g
Complementary food, produced from natural plant extracts family (Asteraceae, Rosaceae, Fabaceae) has a anticocidica action, increasing resistance to the invasion of enterocytes.
The benefits resulting from the administration of this Anticocidiosico are: exerts protection and healing action of the intestinal mucosa; broad-spectrum bacteriostatic effect; No problem of resistance of pathogens; better health and lower mortality.
Composition: Rosa Canina: vitamins, anti-inflammatory, astringent; Timo: intestinal antiseptic, antibacterial, immune system stimulant; Echinaceae: healing, anti-infective, regenerator.
Dosage: mix evenly with the pasta breeding, if moisten, products must be mixed before adding the liquid. Add 2 g up to 4 g per kg paste.
Format: Pot 200g.

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