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Papilla para cría a mano de loros y cotorras Quiko

Papilla para cría a mano de loros y cotorras Quiko
Papilla para cría a mano de loros y cotorras Quiko
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Quiko Hand-Formula is a nutritious diet for hand feeding of baby birds. This mixture is produced in a special processing process that results in an instantly soluble product with the so important, correct bacteria level for the young bird.

The high nutritional value of Quiko Hand-Formula promotes the growth of the young birds. They become more food resistant faster and develop better, more colourful plumage than birds fed homemade mixes. The high nutritional value reduces the number of feedings required and, if the mixture is used correctly, a regular crop is achieved.

Quiko Hand-Formula is recommended for all parrot and parakeet species and can also be used for orphaned songbirds living in the wild.

Feeding recommendation:

Quiko Hand-Formula is prepared with warm tap water (if your tap water contains bacteria, mineral or boiled water is recommended). Process according to the table on the tin, rearing food and warm water in a clean, hygienic container to a creamy mass.

Mix thoroughly and let stand for 1 minute. Cool the prepared mixture to 40 °C. Feed the finished mixture with a disposable syringe or tube.

Usually, each meal is about 10 - 12 percent of the bird's body weight. Disinfect all feeding utensils before each use. If supplements are desired, fruits and vegetables (such as pureed baby food) can be added. However, this should not exceed 20 percent of the total food.


Do not reuse prepared mixture! Put in the garbage and prepare again for each feeding. Please store in a cool, dry place.

Close the can tightly after each use. For longer storage, store in the refrigerator or freezer.

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