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Voladero Barraca (4x2 metros con techo a dos aguas)

Voladero Barraca (4x2 metros con techo a dos aguas)

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Vocadero Barraca (4x2 meters)

4x2 meter garden flight, Ideal for canaries, goldfinches, parakeets, lovebirds and birds of similar size, Large bird cage with modular metal structure of great strength and quality, the panel system makes this flyer a solution for aviaries large, with the possibility of future extensions.

• Measures: 200 cm wide x 400cm deep and 200 cm high
• Atoxic paint resistant to the outside
• Roof in sheet covered in polyester resin in Beige color
• Includes all parts for assembly.

• 11 Imor flyer mesh panels
• 1 Panel with door for flyers
• 10 posters
• 8 Ceilings (4 start and 4 extension)
• 36 Panel Clamps
• 8 soil clips

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