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Chemi Vit

Astringent Carbosan bird Adsorbent   Carbosan is a food supplement for all birds with special active intestinal problems. In birds it is difficult to know with certainty when there intestinal problems, not surprisingly, these are equally important and require the same attention as the rest o..
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SOFT BREAD PASTA WITHOUT EGGS AND WITHOUT COLORANTS + PREBIOTICS   Composite food for ornamental granivorous birds.   Composition: Cereals, Bakery products, Oils and fats, Sugars, Protein Extracts   Vegetables, Seeds, Mineral substances, Yeasts (Betaglucans 0.15%), Honey, Byp..
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WITHOUT COLORING, WITH CUSCUS, MILK AND PREBIOTICS   BIANCOVIT SPECIAL is a dry paste, milk and dyes to avoid unwanted spots. Couscous contains FRUTOLIGOSACCHARIDES for a better regulation of the bacterial flora, beta-glucans to stimulate the system   immunological, PROTECTED VITAMIN..
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Intense White Chemi Vit contains substances that inhibit the production of melanins and intensify the white color of feathers.   Composition: Sugars, byproducts of vegetable origin.   Instructions for use: 10 grams per kg of breeding paste or liter of water.   White canaries ..
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Cocci Help, es especialmente útil para los pájaros sensibles a los cocidios y favorece los mecanismos de defensa natural intestinal contra las bacterias perjudiciales y la cándida. Conservar en lugar fresco y seco, para conservar las propiedades naturales del producto. 100 grs..
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Soft breeding paste for Red Canaries. Morbid Rosso.   Very appetizing food and made exclusively with top quality ingredients.   It contains substances that serve to maintain and revive the red color of canaries.   Composite food for ornamental red canaries.   Composit..
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Universal breeding paste with 4.5% eggs and 6.0% milk.   Very appetizing food, indicated for all ornamental granivorous bird species, scientifically balanced and composed exclusively with ingredients of the highest quality.   Everything that makes Morbido Super a highly digestible fo..
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Natural antibiotic   Especially useful, since it favors regular growth, it benefits the wellbeing and health of the birds and contributes a great help to the main problems of breeding.   Additives: (Organoleptic additives)   Grapefruit Seed Extract (Citrus x paradisi Macfayde..
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New Defender - To moisten dry pasta containing organic acids and propolis to fight the proliferation of fungi, molds and bacteria in pasta and pasta bacteria and improve digestibility.   With the use of this product megabacterias growth inhibition, regulation of intestinal bacterial flora, p..
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New Defender S - To prepare seeds cooked, softened or outbreaks.   It is known that the cooked seeds, soaked or sprouted constiyuyen favorable for the growth of fungi, molds and bacteria substrate; New Defender S contains acidifiers and fruit-oligosacándos, who exercise a natural regulatory ..
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The first and unique product in ornithology that simultaneously contributes PREBIOTICOS, PROBIOTICOS and POSBIOTICOS; Very useful to regulate the balance of the MICROBIOTA (intestinal flora), whose alteration is the primary cause of many diseases in the breeding of birds.   Stimulates th..
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Multivitamin for mating, breeding and singing   very complete multivitamin complex, designed to meet the requirements of modern ornithology: SPRINTER stimulates the singing and fertility, improving breeding and weaning.   Instructions for use: Add 10 ml per liter of drinking wate..
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DEFENDER FORTEX Energy and Health energizing natural ingredients, natural vitamins, trace elements and minerals is refreshing combination of complementary foods with the content of special enhances immunity.   In the BAL it energizes and revitalizes, anti-inflammatory effect, jelly; anti..
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Food for ornamental birds complemetario. The beneficial action is now recognized that certain plant substances gives the body in general and to specific organs in particular as Amargón (blood purifier and liver), Nettle (purifies and brings iron), Equisetum (lung strengthener and renal) the Gra..
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Nutrient Chemi vit plus porridge for canaries, lovebirds, bright colors, wild, cockatoos, parrots and nymphs    CLIFFI NUTRIENTS PLUS  Pastoncino FOR IMBECCO chick. CONTAINS FRUCTO and beta-glucans.    Pastoncino imbecco truly innovative because it contains beta-glucans FRUCTO an..
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