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Mezcla de semillas de la mas alta calidad denominada Silvestre Semillas: Alpiste Avena pelada Cañamon Cardo Linaza Nabina negra Negrillo Semilla salvaje Rabano Cartamo Frabricante Mibo EMBALAJE: 5KG..
Ex Tax:8.82€
Safflower Safflower-   Rich seed is very similar to sunflower seeds white grease, but has smaller dimensions. These seeds will not be consumed by our birds if there are sunflower seeds available.   Properties: Water 7.2% Protein 14.3% Carbohydrates 16.5%, Fibre 31.2%, 28.0% Fat Conte..
Ex Tax:1.45€
It is the most common type of millet. It is high in carbohydrates.   It is eaten without problems for almost all types of birds.   Suitable for canaries, European birds, exotic birds, budgies, large parakeets and parrots.   1kg and 5kg..
Ex Tax:1.49€
Radish seeds of excellent quality. The radish seeds are an ideal complement for mating season. It is a seed rich in protein and especially in vitamin C    Media Analysis: Protein 10%, Fat 8.79%, carbohydrates 36%, Moisture 9.70%..
Ex Tax:1.68€
Flaxseed (Linum usitatissium) is a fat seed favors evacuation in case of constipation and is very useful in moulting by the brilliance he brings to the plumage. Much of flaxseed is fat, but very little of this fat is saturated, so a high percentage of fat contained in flaxseed is beneficial in the..
Ex Tax:1.68€
Mixtura goldfinch and greenfinch ideal for all year paramount.   Composition: Alpiste Canada, oat, hemp seed, thistle, Flaxseed, black rape, elm, wild seed, radish, Millet, White Knob, Safflower...
Ex Tax:9.54€
La mezcla de semillas mas completa de mercado de la mejor calidad denominada Mixtura Salud (contiene chia) Semillas: Alpiste Avena pelada Cañamon Cardo Linaza Nabina Negra Negrillo Semilla Salvaje Rucula Rabano Paniset Perejil Lechuga negra Anis Chia Mijo Pe..
Ex Tax:11.36€
Mixing classic enriched with vitamin supplements for canaries.   Rich in bird seed mix to avoid that birds do not have much space to get fatter .   Composed of birdseed, flaxseed , black rape , radish and vitamin supplements   Packaging for scooters   Small : 1 kg..
Ex Tax:8.14€
Pulverizer 1L
-33 %
Article is convenient for bathing, worming and local birds. Simply enter the desired liquid spray inside, close and ready to use...
1.51€ 2.25€
Ex Tax:1.25€
Mezcla de semillas de la mas alta calidad Salvaje Suprema Semillas: Alpiste Avena pelada Cañamon Linaza Nabina Negra Negrillo Semilla Salvaje Rucula Rabano Perilla morena Mijo Perilla blanca Pipa pelada Adormidera Achicoria Cardon Fabricante Mibo..
Ex Tax:11.36€
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