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EXOTICS   nutritional supplement formulated to meet the specific needs of exotic birds such as Diamond Gould. Formulated with high biological value proteins, alfalfa, omega 3 and omega 6, and carrot. The contribution of beta carotene is essential for proper immune system function.   ..
Ex Tax:15.45€
MUTASKIN-R   Treatment of skin diseases and pen, and improves embryonic development during playback.   Supplementation with vitamins, amino acids and essential minerals in any situation where an alteration, growth or regeneration of the skin or the plumage of birds occur.   M..
Ex Tax:9.95€
Treatment for the control and prevention of enteritis and diarrheal diseases.   Small bird cage often are subjected to poor diet, stress and lack of hygiene, which causes an inflammatory response in the intestine that triggers more or less serious diarrheal diseases. Intestinal involvement w..
Ex Tax:8.36€
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