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Liver protector . Artichoke Thistle    Liver function optimizes / regenerator and fortifying   Target species : Goldfinches , canaries, exotic , psittacines , etc.   Ingredients : Concentrated Milk Thistle and Artichoke   Directions: Manage all year , especially in critical..
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Liquid supplement for nervous or stressed birds.   Format: 160 ml   Composition: Extracts of natural plants.   Indications: Use in situations of stress, such as competitions, transportation, etc. You can use a day or two per week to keep them relaxed.   How to use: 4 ..
Ex Tax:13.59€
Do your birds have scales on their legs? Do they suffer injuries due to mites? Thanks to Legazin dermoprotective ointment, you can cure all these conditions and many more.   Apply some of the ointment on the legs of your bird, carefully and massaging the affected areas, or preferably, on all..
Ex Tax:8.14€
Total balance   Important concentrate that helps the growth and development of the pigeons muscle mass. Advised during breeding and molting.   Format: 500 grs   Information of interest   INGREDIENTS: Milk and casein whey.   ANALYSIS: Protein 51.25%, Fat 25%, F..
Ex Tax:13.18€
Preventive of intestinal pathologies that affect birds.   Format: 125 ml   Information of interest   Composition: Extracts of natural plants.   How to use: 3 ml per liter of water or kg of paste, two days per week as a preventive.   Shake well before use. ..
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Perfect growth   Format: 500 grs   Information of interest   Ingredients: Milk whey, casein, collagen and magnesium.   Analysis: Protein 41%, Fat 32%, Fiber 0% and Ash 4%.   How to use: Mix 20 or 40 grams of product per kilo of any pasta.   KEEP IN FRE..
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Nutritional supplement against pecking on the move. Destined to canaries, finches, suckers, Greenfinches, siskin of Venezuela, etc, and generally any bird cage. With amino acids + minerals + Vitamins.   Proper supplementation with amino acids, vitamins and minerals designed to meet the nutri..
Ex Tax:5.00€
Recuperator for deficiency states with electrolytes, vitamin K, amino acids and vitamins. Apply during and after curative treatments and to the return of trips, contests, expositions and other stress situations for the birds, until they are recovered. Destination species: Goldfinches, cana..
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Chips extruded white formula (Without Dore)   Serinus stimulant for fattening, and Carduelis Spinus.   It is prepared in 5 minutes in a quick and simple way.   Ingredients: Seeds, cereals, vegetable protein extracts, grease, oil, vitamins, minerals, fruit and sugar.   ..
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Promoter intestinal flora ornizin   Ingredients: Lactobacillus , fructose and vitamins .   How to use: Apply after curative treatment for 15 days. It can be combined with Liver Protector Legazin and total calcium .   Target species : Finches , canaries, exotic ..
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