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Lousiana cage, a sturdy, durable and with the best finishes exclusively for StrongCages cabin.   Suitable to house medium parrots like Amazon or Yacos type and as breeding cage for small parrots you you type.                                 It is equipped with a p..
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Lousiana cage, a sturdy, durable and with the best finishes exclusively for StrongCages cabin.   Suitable to house medium parrots like Amazon or Yacos type and as breeding cage for small parrots you you type.                                 It is equipped with a p..
Ex Tax:185.91€
COMPOSITION: Chloride, alkyl benzyl dimethyl ammonium chloride 20 g; Purified water 100 ml.   INDICATIONS: Pesticidal use and environment for the disinfection of livestock barns, pens, yutillaje parlors in general. Indicated for the species of microorganisms (bacteria and fungi) ..
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12 Voladero galvanized sides .   Dispose of this precipice , perfect for placement in parks and gardens. Easy to assemble panels . It also has great for access to the interior and two windows for access to food and water bowls door.   Basic dimensions : Diameter 2.58 m . ..
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Jaula Palace
-13 %
The economical solution for all small and medium parrots as grays , amazons , Senegal parrots nymphs or size . With our cage Palace are included the following: Park top game with 2 stainless steel troughs 10 cm in diameter. Tray in the game park . Hook accessory toys holder in the upper p..
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LED STRIP LIGHTS. THE LIGHT OF YOUR BIRD A new lighting concept in his aviary. All advantages with LED lighting   - Economic and easy to install. - Low power consumption, save on your electricity bill. - Direct light that does not produce shadows and does not heat. ..
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Quiko , Pigment feet and beaks , polV Sol . 250 g   The bistorta Quiko naturally intensifies the dark pigmentation of all calloused parts . It also stimulates metabolism and digestion.   Dosage: about 50 grams to 1 kg egg pasta   Store in a dry place..
Ex Tax:9.36€
220V LED STRIP LIGHT BLUE NIGHT connection from 1 to 4 meters.   IDEAL FOR MOON EFFECT aviaries.   Low power consumption and easy installation. (4w x meter)   INSTALL RECOMMENDED WITH CLOCK-TIMER ref. TP   Its true and appropriate in the aviaries that once day lights ..
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Vitamin E is essential for the reproduction of all birds, but especially for those living in captivity, like canaries, pigeons and other birds cage. A lack thereof is in many cases the total or partial male sterility and low positions of females.   In times of pairing a high dose of Vitamin ..
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Pure vitamin E   Thanks to its high content of vitamin E and amino acids support, is helpful for a large number of fertile eggs.   Improves chicks hatching from their eggs in increasing the number of births and getting smaller. Regulating hormone metabolism and stimulating appetite a..
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COX is a product made of different herbs , including thyme , oregano and garlic.   • Thyme: strong immune power , excellent for the respiratory tract . • Oregano: strengthens immunity and resistance , improves digestion . • Garlic has a powerful cleaning action.   Cox is very..
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One of the favorite toys for lovebirds with it can come toy for hours of fun and relaxation being the place where one of their favorites...
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Boldo (100% puro)
-30 %
Natural food supplement indicated for birds and ornamental birds, composed of boldo extract.   Specifications   The liver is one of the main organs involved in maintaining the health of birds.   Several of its functions: * Intervenes in digestion; * Helps in the elimi..
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Cúrcuma (100% Puro)
-13 %
Turmeric, antioxidant that helps digestion.   INDICATIONS: - Unique compound based on turmeric, very strong antioxidant and a great eliminator of harmful substances. - It favors the circulation of blood. - Favors digestion.   HOW TO USE: - Before the start of the seas..
3.45€ 3.95€
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It is a combination of nutritional substances, fructooligosacáridos milk enzymes capable of preserving and rebalance the intestinal bacterial flora. It consists of a selection of microorganisms capable of living the intestine reach and positively promote intestinal health of the bird. The product fu..
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Hinojo (100% Puro)
-30 %
Pure crushed fennel Fennel seed helps balance the digestive system promotes digestion, reduces intestinal discomfort, facilitates evacuation and fights constipation. ideal for: Goldfinches, Greenfinches, Finches, Pardillos, Canaries and other similar birds. • Very rich in vitamin A, vita..
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  An original and elegant design for its large size.   Jaula Berlin is designed for large sized parrots such as African jackals, Amazon parrots and macaws   It has a large access door in the front, with security lock (so that your parrot can not open it and..
Ex Tax:206.57€
Cage Voltrega 893   The model 893 of Cage for parrots Voltregà constitutes one of the best choices of habitáculo for his bird, given his amplitude and comfort.   Besides having the guarantee of coming from one of the brands to which the quality corresponds, Voltregà 893 carri..
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Pajarera Córdoba is a spacious bird cage suitable for all types of birds such as exotic, tropical, canaries, parakeets, agapornis, nymphs, etc.   It is a very wide cage suitable for installing a small colony of tropical or several pairs of cotorritas. It offers a suitable and safe home to yo..
Ex Tax:103.26€
Pajarera hexagonal Oporto
-20 %
Oporto hexagonal birdhouse   Spacious bird cage in a hexagonal shape suitable to accommodate all kinds of birds such as exotic, tropical, canaries, parakeets, lovebirds, nymphs, etc.     It is a very large cage suitable for installing a small colony of tropical or several pa..
199.95€ 249.95€
Ex Tax:165.25€
Papilla Onnistecco boot stage (Raggio di Sole)     Full porridge for raising hand omnivores and insectivores thrushes, larks birds, including with nettle leaves, probiotics, prebiotics, digestive enzymes, organic acids and essential oils.   Gross Protein Composition 28%; Oils and Fat..
Ex Tax:6.50€
Dawn-Dusk programmer high technology for LED strips 12 Volt.   It has a selection of 22 models Dawn-Dusk hours and 5 channels, 4 of them with different intensities to connect led night light blue moon effect (Blue LED Light 12V ref. TLA225P or optional TLA325P).   It has a display wh..
Ex Tax:37.19€
QUIKO CHLORELLA   Quiko Chlorella is a 100% natural product.   Minerals, vitamins and natural proteins.   Food for all types of companion birds.   Composition: 100% chlorella seaweed.   Analytical components: crude protein 50.00%, moisture content 10%, crude f..
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Ropa B electro sol is a potent solution that contains electrolytes, amino acids and vitamins and that ensures a fast and balanced recovery of the liquid after an extreme physical performance or after a disease (diarrhea).   The electrolytes ensure that the liquid is absorbed more quickly and..
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CURRENT ADAPTERS 12V up to 4 metersTo connect different LED strips in the same current point.Suitable for five heightsNo loss of power occurs.The light has the same intensity in all the cages.The power of the adapter depends on the total number of meters of LEDs that you want to connect..
Ex Tax:8.26€
Exóticos / Anillas Grabadas con año y numeradas de carbono 2,5mm
Exóticos / Anillas Grabadas con año y numeradas de carbono 2,5mmClosed rings 2.5mm carbon exotic for marking the 2021 color of the year of the federation.   The rings should be placed on the legs of the birds before the eighth day of his birth , is very important place in that period be..
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