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SERIBAÑO   HYGIENE AND CONDITIONING PLUMAGE BIRDS   Birds need to bathe and do also with real satisfaction , but it is necessary that the bath water is clean and everything is well maintained at all times and must not become a suspension of microbes and parasites.   SERIBAÑO ..
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Vitamin E is essential for the reproduction of all birds, but especially for those living in captivity, like canaries, pigeons and other birds cage. A lack thereof is in many cases the total or partial male sterility and low positions of females.   In times of pairing a high dose of Vitamin ..
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Multivitamin supplement A-D3-E   Vitamins are absolutely necessary for all animals, and most exposed shortcomings are, of course, those that are bred in captivity and can not freely choose their food.   In cage birds, despite procure a varied diet, often occur inadequacies of some es..
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Calcicolina -P   FOOD SUPPLEMENT WITH CALCIUM AND PHOSPHORUS       The Calcicolina -P is a specific product for the treatment of deficiency states in caged birds , produced mostly by nutritional imbalances and excess fat seeds .   Excess fat causes serious disorders i..
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