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Food for exotic

Food Premium Blend   Mix full premium for Australian Diamonds. Contains all quality seeds that the birds needed for proper growth and vigorous health .     Jarad is a brand dedicated to 100 % Andalusian bird food for over ten years. In its food uses only carefully selected q..
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Premium food mix Mix full premium for exotic birds. Contains all quality seeds that exotic birds need for proper growth and vigorous health. Jarad is a brand dedicated to 100% Andalusian bird food for over ten years. In its food uses only carefully selected quality raw materials and the pr..
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KIKI Exotic - 1Kg   Complete food for seed mix for all exotic birds. With three kinds of millet ( white, yellow and red) , paniset , elm , canary seed , hemp seed and vitamin granules. Ideal for breeding and maintenance of captive exotic .   Ingredients: paniset , yellow millet , pet..
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KIKI Max exotic menu . 400GR   Extra food for exotic birds based seed mix . Packaged in a controlled atmosphere.   Ingredients: Paniset , yellow millet, red millet , white millet , petite flax, canary seed , and added vitamins negrillo granules.   analysis :     12.8 % cr..
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Food for budgies Kiki Max with added vitamins Menu granules. Complete food for small parrots formulated based on a selection of the best seeds enriched with minerals. Product presented in a package of five hundred grams very compact and easy to carry. Packaged in a controlled atmosphere that helps p..
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Prestige exotic - 1 Kg   Product Presentation   A blend of high quality for all kinds of exotic birds.   composition 48 % yellow Porizo Yellow millet 33 % Alpiste 8.5 % Panizo Red 6 % Millet red 3 % 1.5% Negrillo..
Ex Tax:2.14€
Prestige premium for exotic .   Bird Food quality designed especially for exotic animals   The seed mix high energy seeks a balanced diet with all essential vitamins . This food is the best prerequisite for a strong coat with natural color and long life.   comp..
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Prestige Premium for parakeets   The little parakeet is an extremely popular animal in the home company, but is also a very nice bird aviary. A distinction between normal small parakeets and budgies larger display is set. The main food of this group of birds is a balanced mix of seeds adapte..
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The definitive feed for the breeders of Exotic and Psittacine.   Proteins 18% Fat 8% 5% Fibers Ash 5%   Manage freely as a single food. In breeding and molting it is recommended to complete with extracts according to the needs of the species.   4 Kg..
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Mixture for parakeets and exotic species composed of: White Millet, Yellow Millet, Red Millet, Pearl Millet, Paniset, Peeled Oats, Canary Seed, Flaxseed, Radish, Black Nabila, Negrillo, Extruded Cereal and Vitaroma F-222   The amount needed for daily consumption must be supplied directly in ..
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Indications: mixture developed for exotic limestones and strildids of warm climates, such as diamonds, Isabella, sparrows of java, weavers, widows.   Ingredients: Canary seed, white millet, paniset and perilla.   Important: The 1 kg format is a repackaged presentation of the original..
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Special food for small tropical, such as Goulds diamond, mandarin diamond and Australian diamonds in general.   Contains: Yellow millet, red millet, Japanese millet, canary seed, paniset   Guidance values:   Proteins: 14.51%   Fibers: 10.99%   Fats: 5.61% ..
Ex Tax:1.56€
Jarad Periquito The Best Selection is a nutritious complete mix for the daily nutrition of the parakeets. The formula combines seeds, cereals and baked by-products, to provide the parakeet with everything it needs to nourish itself and strengthen its health. An ideal balance of proteins, fibers, fat..
Ex Tax:6.35€
Mxt. Premium Diamante (Manitoba)   Professional seed mix for short-beaked Exotics Diamond Gould composed canary, yellow millet, millet, Japanese millet, red millet, negrillo and goatee. Recommended Formula balanced throughout the year.   Presentation: Bag 1 kg   Important: 1k..
Ex Tax:1.86€
Mxt . Exotic Fancy ( Manitoba )   Professional Seed Mix , Special for exotic short-beaked composed of birdseed , yellow millet , millet, Japanese millet, red millet , red millet and negrillo . Recommended Formula balanced throughout the year .   Presentation: Bag 1 and 25 kg   ..
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The spike bird pancake, is a complementary natural food rich in carbohydrates and low in fat that loves all kinds of small birds such as canaries, parakeets, lovebirds, parrots and parrots. The spike of panizo not only provides nutrients but also is a great environmental enrichment, that the birds w..
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Prestige for parakeets , brand , Versele Laga.   Full meal brand Versele Laga for parakeets and small parrots. It is a staple for providing a long and healthy life , and a strong and flamboyant plumage.   This seed mix provides a balanced supply of all essential nutrients . This bird..
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Food for Canaries and exotic NutriBird C15   NutriBird C 15 I think is a balanced complete maintenance for canaries , exotic and native birds. They are granulated with a composition scientifically proven with selected cereals, fresh fruit and 50% of birdseed. Fully absorbable , without waste..
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B Nutribird I think 14 is a balanced complete maintenance for small parakeets and other parrots . Also suitable for lovebirds , neophemas and Forpus . They are granulated with a composition scientifically proven , based on selected cereals, fresh fruit and 50% millet . Completely consumable, no loss..
Ex Tax:3.86€
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