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Papilla de Embuche Onnistecco 500 gr

Papilla de Embuche Onnistecco 500 gr
Papilla de Embuche Onnistecco 500 gr
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Papilla Onnistecco boot stage (Raggio di Sole)
  Full porridge for raising hand omnivores and insectivores thrushes, larks birds, including with nettle leaves, probiotics, prebiotics, digestive enzymes, organic acids and essential oils.
Gross Protein Composition 28%; Oils and Fats 5%; 1.5% fiber; 5% ash.
Recommended Use: suitable for breeding hand omnivorous and insectivorous birds in general, proper use ensures proper growth of chicks.
Dosage: Mix the product homogeneously, leave for 1 minute, stir again before using the syringe, controlling the proper temperature. Check carefully that the crop is empty before taking another shot. Do not reuse product already mixed with water. The optimum temperature for embuchar is between 38 and 40 ° C
Formats: Cube 500 gr

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