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Pack contra el picaje en las aves

Pack contra el picaje en las aves
Pack contra el picaje en las aves
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Pack against the birds pecking
With this magnificent antipicaje pack you can prevent some of the most common problems in large parrots and parrots and correct it if it has already occurred.
Pecking occurs when the body feathers parrot starts. There are several causes of feather pecking, but one of the most common is the pecking parents to young chicks in times of growth but also caused by stress, in newly purchased birds for change of accommodation, or as external parasites mites.
It Includes:
Stop Pecking Fortepac 100 ml
It is a product of supplementation in the drinking water with electrolytes and vitamins specially made for radical time pecking birds moult, stress problems, transportation, etc.
NO PICK | Contra pecking
Liquid taste bitter.
Nekton Bio 35 grams
Nekton Bio is a special preparation that stimulates the growth of feathers, avoid pecking own feathers caused by nutritional deficiencies and ensures the formation of a complete and balanced plumage.
This toy will enrich your bird home making it a lot more fun for stimulating the animal to stay healthy and active space.

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