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Copos Anti Picaje (SjoerdZwart)

Copos Anti Picaje (SjoerdZwart)
Copos Anti Picaje (SjoerdZwart)
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Anti Picking Flakes (SjoerdZwart)

After years of research, we have finally found a solution to pluck the feathers from the birds. 

The results of our tests show that 90% of the birds will stop plucking if they are fed anti-feathering flakes daily for 3 months. 

Explanation: Feather plucking often occurs due to stress. For example, when moving birds, a pair dies, etc. Because of this stress, birds have a higher intake of beta keratin. This special protein is only found in birds and reptiles. This beta keratin is hardly ever found in the diet. All the beta-keratin they get through their diet is used to form feathers and skin. Because the feathers are filled with beta keratin, they are eaten. We call this plucking, or rather eating feathers. The birds compensate for their beta keratin deficiency. The feathers will then grow back, and are eaten again. In this way, the birds remain in a spiral of beta-keratin deficiency, eat feathers, etc. We start looking for pure beta-keratin, which is available. We feed the birds this, but they need additives to be able to process the beta-keratin in their body. 

The anti-picking flakes contain this beta-keratin and the additives to be able to process it in the bird's body. Birds that do not mind plucking and that feed on these flakes show a more pleasant plumage. 

The anti-feathering flakes can be mixed with the egg feed. If you do not provide egg feed daily, the flakes can be mixed with grated carrot and/or apple. 

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