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Anti Gusano (SjoerdZwart)

Anti Gusano (SjoerdZwart)
Anti Gusano (SjoerdZwart)
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Anti Worm (SjoerdZwart)

Worms are a major problem in birds. Birds get worm eggs from food or by scratching the ground. Once these eggs are in the bird, they hatch in a short time. These mini-worms grow quite fast because of the food the bird receives. Most worms are found in the digestive tract. Worms are eating more and more of the bird's food. This causes the bird to lose weight quickly, which eventually kills it. Worms can also affect the organs, causing the bird to die more quickly.

This is very easy to treat by deworming a bird 2 to 4 times a year. The best is 4 times a year. This has to do with the life cycle of the worms. After each treatment, do a follow-up treatment after 14 days to get the best results.

Instructions for use: Dissolve 1ml of Anti-Worm in 1 litre of drinking water and give it as drinking water for 7 days. Refresh daily preferably.

Or put 1 drop of Anti-Worm (pure from the bottle) in the mouth

Repeat after 14 days for best results!

50 ml

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