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L.O.R UNIFEED Cria Pequeñas Psitacidas

L.O.R UNIFEED Cria Pequeñas Psitacidas
L.O.R UNIFEED Cria Pequeñas Psitacidas
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L.O.R UNIFEED Small Animal Breeding

Agapornis,Nynphicus,Neophema, Platycercus, Psephotus,Polytelis,Psittacula,Piocephalus, Pyrrhura, Aratinga, Bolborhynchus,Brotogeris,Parakeets.

The Unifeed small psittacine feed can be administered dry or by moistening it with water or juice to give it a frost-like consistency. When moistened, it is more palatable and needs to be changed once a day.

COMPOSITION: Cereals, tubers, oils and fats, milk derivatives, vegetable proteins, sugars, mineral substances, probiotics, vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants and aromas.

METHOD OF ADAPTATION TO UNIFEED: Most birds eat it dry. In birds more reluctant to try unknown foods, water or juice can be added to make it more palatable. Chopped fruit or live, thawed or dried insects can be added.

After ensuring that the birds eat it, it is possible to supply the product dry or wet.

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