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Complex 11VIT - B Pax Pharma

Complex 11VIT - B Pax Pharma
Complex 11VIT - B Pax Pharma
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Complex 11VIT - B Pax P

Vitamins act on the body avoiding the presentation of a deficiency and stimulating its vital functions. The presence of the amino acids methionine and lysine facilitates the feathers of the young, the molting of the birds and the viability of the eggs.

It facilitates the calcification of bones and the growth of young animals and gives greater resistance and thickness to the eggshell.

Especially advisable during the periods of breeding and laying, during the convalescence, as a preventive of diseases, in the presence of weakness, vaccinations, transfers, stress situations, molting or intense or unusual exercise.


10 drops (0.5 ml) / L of drinking water.

In the case of having to add to the water of drinking troughs, 1 drop in 100 ml of water is added and this is distributed among the drinking troughs.

It will be repeated 2-7 consecutive days 2 times each month.

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