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Jaula Berlin

Jaula Berlin
Jaula Berlin
Jaula Berlin
Jaula Berlin
Jaula Berlin
Jaula Berlin
Jaula Berlin
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  • Brands StrongCages
  • Model 1339
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Pide por teléfono
95 513 24 03
L-V: 8:00 - 18:00
An original and elegant design for its large size.
Jaula Berlin is designed for large sized parrots such as African jackals, Amazon parrots and macaws
It has a large access door in the front, with security lock (so that your parrot can not open it and escape).
New design with vaulted ceiling, in which you can place more toys and it will be an escape for the boredom of any parrot.
Contains side trays collect seeds, protection for droppings will prevent any dirt particles from falling out of the cage. Its assembly is optional.
It includes stick, to place it inside the cage, also has two round stainless steel feeders equipped with a safety lock and anti-roll system.
Measures and endowments:
Totals: 163 cm. high x 102 cm. width x 81 cm. background
Interior dimensions: 127cm high x 79cm wide x 58cm deep
Space between bars: 2.5 cm
Barrier thickness: 5 mm
Large access door with double security lock.
Large access door 92.5cm Height x 31cm width
It has a side door with bolt for the placement of nest or bathtub

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