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AD3E FBL 20 ml.

AD3E FBL 20 ml.
AD3E FBL 20 ml.
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PROPERTIES: AD3E FBL, prevents and corrects deficiency states especially those that produce reproductive disorders; Its use is recommended in the preparation of the players before and during the mating.
Vitamins A and D3 are of special importance in the improvement of birth. With the administration of Vitamin A, the strengthening of the intestinal epithelium is achieved and this promotes an increase in the absorption of Vitamin D3.
The shortage of vitamin E (hypovitaminosis E) causes a decrease in sexual appetite and loss of fertility. Its spectrum of action extends to both males and females, although it is in the first where it acquires greater importance producing alterations in the sex glands and causing degenerative lesions in the testes; The sperm lose their motility and show morphological anomalies, the synthesis of testosterone is reduced and there is a decrease in the libido, the males behaving as castrated. Part of these symptoms are due to a hypofunction of the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland in which the synthesis of gonadotrophic hormones decreases.
COMPOSITION: Sorbitol, Propylene Glycol, Vitamin A, 5,000 U.I; Vitamin D3, 800 U.I; Vitamin E, 2.5 mg.
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Crude protein, 0%, Crude oils and fats, <0.5%, Crude fiber, 0%, Crude ashes, 0%, Water content, 75%.
METHOD OF USE AND DOSAGE: Oral route, administer in the drinking water, 4 ml / liter of water or 4 drops in 40 ml, for 25 days before mating and continue for 5 days, resting 10 until the end of laying.
In parrots, parrots and other Psitacides double the indicated dose


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