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supravit protector hepático

supravit protector hepático
supravit protector hepático
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Milk thistle : acts in the prevention and protection of the liver, in the regeneration of liver cells, stimulates bile and digestive secretion , favorably intervenes in cases of urolithiasis (stones in kidneys and bladder) , normalizes blood glucose ( low blood sugar ) , protects cells from the kidneys in renal failure, prevents liver and kidney damage caused by certain drugs (analgesics , antibiotics and anti-inflammatories) , prevents lipid peroxidation ( antioxidant in fatty tissues) and is slightly diuretic .
The seeds of the milk thistle have been used for centuries for medicinal purposes. Of these substances as silymarin , silibinin , and the silydianin silychristina obtained . Silymarin is the main liver protective compound in milk thistle . This mainly present in the seed compound acts as an antioxidant in protecting céluas the liver from damage caused by free radicals. Silymarin increase the livers ability to regenerate by producing new healthy céluas and improves its ability to remove toxins from the body .
Administration: Add 10 grams. Pasta Kg per breeding or molting.
Composition: Milk Thistle
100 gr
500 gr

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