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Nutribird B 18

Nutribird B 18
Nutribird B 18
Nutribird B 18
Nutribird B 18
Nutribird B 18
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I Extruded full and proper balanced animal in transition from the slurry to solid feed or young animals of small parakeets and other parrots and lovebirds, neophermas and Forpus. Belgian brand product Versele-Laga, quality products.
They are granulated with a composition scientifically proven, based on selected cereals, fresh fruit and 50% millet. Completely consumable without waste, saving more money on feeding your bird. Its exclusive formula contains Florastimul, which stimulates the intestinal flora and protects against intestinal disorders.
Ingredients: Cereals, seeds (min 50% millet.), Fruit, Vegetable protein extracts, Derivatives of vegetable origin Sugars Minerals L-Lysine, Methionine Extr (min 5% fresh fruit.). Yucca schidigera, fructo-oligosaccharides, vitamins, trace elements.
Guaranteed Analysis: Protein 18%, fat content 8% Gross cellulose 3,50%, Crude ash 6.50%, 0.90% calcium, phosphorus 0.60%, 0.40% Methionine, Lysine 0.95% , 0.65% Threonine, Tryptophan 0.20%, cystine 0.30%.
Before introducing the new granulated food it is very important to respect a transition period, especially in animals that are not used to pelleted feed.
How to make the transition to the NutriBird pellets?
1. The preparatory phase. (Not needed for large parakeets and parrots)
Especially suitable for smaller species of birds (canaries, exotic birds, wild birds, small parakeets). In this preparatory phase should not force the birds to eat pellets. They were only taught to recognize pellets as part of their diet. For 2 to 3 weeks should be given the mixture of seeds to which they are accustomed, mixing it with 10% of granulates added.
2. The transition phase.
After making the change and no seeds and granulates are mixed. Birds have granulates available at all times. Following the transition table, the birds are some days in a trough varied seeds apart. The period in which the birds only receive pellets progressively extended, thus forcing them to eat more and more granular. To avoid the risk of losing too much weight, should include "seed days" during the transition. During these days, the birds will recover energy that may have lost because of reduced food intake during the "days of pellets".
Available in packs of 4 kg.

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