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Versele Laga NO PICK

Versele Laga NO PICK
Versele Laga NO PICK
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  • Brands Versele-Laga
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Product Overview
Oropharma No-Pick is a Bitterspray against feather pecking. This product protects young people growing up in feather plucking parental and helps prevent feather picking and self-mutilation. Their birds pecking can have many causes. But we can make a clear distinction between feather plucking of young people growing up in parental and pecking their own feathers, birds psittacidae mainly adults. No-Pick is very effective against plucking young birds by parents. This easy to use aerosol has a very bitter taste eliminates impulse father of the animal to pull feathers.
Many causes are possible with chronic feather pecking. May be a result of stress, frustration, dietary deficiency or a combination of several factors. Consult your veterinarian to find out the true cause of your bird to break the automatic reflex of feather pecking requires a holistic approach! Besides offering more activities for your bird, adapting their accommodation to their size, adjusting your diet and your bird bathe regularly, No-Pick is an ideal support because of its extremely bitter taste, which discourages bird pecking their feathers.

In chronic feather pecking: spray once daily in birds.
ATTENTION! spraying into the eyes or beak.


    Spray 100 ml

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