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Semilla de Chia

Semilla de Chia
Semilla de Chia
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The Miraculous Chia is a seed scammers Special Nutritional properties para birds.
Chia (Salvia hispanica L.) is a small oval seed (2 mm in length), light brown colors and native Mexico, where its special composition and its beneficial properties for the Fitness Were discovered hundreds of years ago . For centuries nutritious chia seeds were the staple of Indigenous American Southwest.
Today, scientific studies show that of that chia provides a large number of interesting nutrients, what makes? That in this esta nutritionists rediscover miraculous seed which is quickly gaining a huge popularity both in food as in animals. CURRENTLY chia is grown commercially fines in Mexico, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru and Colombia.
The composition of chia can be compared to that of other seeds mucilaginous As flaxseed and psyllium. Unlike flax, chia contains no anti-nutritional factors, sin in the case of flax UN limit their use thermal pretreatment. The anti-nutritional factors or linatina son cyanogenic glycosides, vitamin B6 antagonists, meaning that prevent vitamin B6 which act on the metabolism. : In addition, chia has a pleasant taste More Than flaxseed, who ingested by the birds with appetite mayor.

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