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Prestige Canarios

Prestige Canarios
Prestige Canarios
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The food Versele Laga Prestige canaries Stand up is a feed consisting of a mixture of traditional seeds suitable for the daily feeding of all canaries, especially suitable for singing canaries as the malinois or Harzer. Its unique formula is designed to maintain health and vitality of the birds.
To ensure a long and healthy life for your pet, Give her a rich and varied diet, composed of different seeds, eggs, fruits and vegetables, supplemented with vitamins and mineral supplements. This food for canaries has been produced with the best raw, fresh and high quality materials, in collaboration with specialized veterinarians, breeders, universities and zoos, ensuring a perfectly balanced formula.
The food Versele Laga for canaries Prestige Stand up is packaged in a way that retains its freshness and nutritional qualities thanks to wrapper "Freshpack" which isolates it from air, light and moisture. It has also been subjected to strict quality controls.
    Special food for canaries singers like malinois or Harzer.
    Based formula selected high quality seeds.
    Maintains the health and vitality of your pet.
    Packaged in packaging that perfectly preserved.
    Food for birds specifically designed for singers malinois canaries type or Harzer.
Nutritional description:
    Ingredients: canary seed (63%), oilseed rape (19%), black rapeseed (6%), flaxseed (5%), shelled oats (3%), hemp seed (2.5%), elm (1.5 %).
    Make sure that your pets have food and fresh water always available and change them daily.

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