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Aislado Lácteo

Aislado Lácteo
Aislado Lácteo
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L-V: 8:00 - 18:00
The Avianvet whey isolate is a protein food supplement, with a purity of 100%.
Especially indicated to reinforce the feeding during the periods of breeding and growth of the chickens.
It favors the appearance of heat in the reproductive system, it increases the fertility, it improves the rates of putting and it stimulates the growth. Free of carotenoids. It does not produce doré.
Method of use and dosage: 30-50 grams per kilo of paste. The whey isolate is a fast assimilation protein that contributes to the growth and development of youngsters muscle mass. Indicated in times of breeding and molting for a correct development of the chicks. It has an excellent profile of amino acids providing all the essential amino acids necessary for a correct growth and development of the chicks.
Composition: 100% whey concentrate.
Species of destination: ornamental birds such as canaries, goldfinches, verderones, exotic and small parrots.
Formats: 500 gr. And 1 kg

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