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Provi-E Easyyem

Provi-E Easyyem
Provi-E Easyyem
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Pide por teléfono
95 513 24 03
L-V: 8:00 - 18:00
COMPOSITION: Glucose, calcium carbonate.
NUTRITIONAL ADDITIVES PER KG: 50,000 mg of vitamin E, 50 mg of selenium (sodium selenite).
PROVIT-E contributes to "give a push" to the birds in breeding season since it promotes fertility.
Also, its benefits for muscular performance and protection of oxidation of cells are known.
Vitamin E and selenium work side by side in the breakdown of fats.
Complementary food for ornamental birds.
USE: 3 weeks before mating, 1 gm (1 x tablespoon of dosage) per 100 g of food or in 200 ml of drinking water, 3-4 times per week.
Due to the high Selenium content compared to a complete food, this complementary food can only be supplied to a maximum of only 1% of the daily ration. When administered by drinking water, the aforementioned dosage should be respected at all costs.
Store in a dry, cool and protected from light.

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