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Easyyem Roja

Easyyem Roja
Easyyem Roja
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Pide por teléfono
95 513 24 03
L-V: 8:00 - 18:00
Easyyem egg feeding adapts to all species of red birds.
The content in nutritious substance is composed exactly to the needs and enriched expressly with a canthaxanthin.
It is not necessary to mix an additional red color.
ANALYSIS: Proteins 22%, Fat Content 8%, Crude ash 3.8%, Calcium 0.10%, Phosphorus 0.04% and Magnesium 0.13%.
SENSORY ADDITIVES / Kg: Cantaxanthin 2g.
APPLICATION RECOMMENDATIONS: 3 servings of red egg food + 1 serving of water + 5 minutes of waiting, or moisturizing with yeast feed, grated fruits / vegetables. During the breeding and molting period each, otherwise 3 times a week.

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