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Witte molen Pasta de cria roja 10 Kg.

Witte molen Pasta de cria roja 10 Kg.
Witte molen Pasta de cria roja 10 Kg.
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  • Brands Witte Molen
  • Model 4530
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L-V: 8:00 - 18:00
Complementary food with red factor
Witte Molen Eggfood Red is developed especially for colour canaries.  is With added amino acids to efficiently fulfil the protein demand. This eggfood can be directly provided, but also easily mixes with other sorts of eggfood or with for instance soakseed. This eggfood is also available without hemp seed.
Feeding instructions:
Eggfood may be given all year round (in moderation), but especially in the breeding season (25% of the total daily food requirement).
Bakery products, sugar, oils & fats, cereals, seeds, minerals, vegetable(by)products, egg products, yeast.
Contains EU-permitted antioxidants and colorants
Crude protein: 12,0%
Crude Fat:       10,9%
Nutritional Additives:
Vit. A (retinyl acetate)  19.998 IE/kg
Vit. D3 (cholecalciferol)  1.999 IE/kg
Vit. E (dl-a-tocopheryl)      300 IE/kg
Vit. C (I-ascorbic acid)     750 mg/kg
Copper CU (II) Sulphate 0,03 mg/kg
Iron (FE)  0,6 mg/kg
Manganese (MN)  0,3 mg/kg
Zinc (ZN)  0,22 mg/kg
Packaging :  750 GR and 10 KG

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