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AviMedica AviSalmo Tonic 200 ml

AviMedica AviSalmo Tonic 200 ml
AviMedica AviSalmo Tonic 200 ml
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AviMedica AviSalmo Tonic 200 ml, (salmonellosis, e-coli and intestinal infections).

Treatment and prevention of:
- Intestinal infections.
- Salmonellosis
- e-Coli
- Adeno-coli (young pigeon disease)

AviSalmoTonic is made up of 100% natural antibiotics, oils extracted from plants and extracts of liquid herbs. It also stimulates the immune system and therefore contributes to the maintenance of homeostasis (body self-regulation).

Eugenol thymol, anise oil, cinnamon oil, tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, herbal extracts (Acorus, calamus, allium sativa, Chelidonum majus, Echinacea purpurea, Oreganum vulgare, Potentilla erecta, Sinapis alba, Thymus serpyllum ), propylene glycol glycerol.

- As an E-Coli treatment: 3 ml per liter of water, for 5 consecutive days.
- As a treatment of Salmonella and digestive infections: 3 ml per liter of water, for 5-7 consecutive days.
- As treatment for Adeno-coli (young pigeon disease): 3 ml (for 30 pigeons) in such a quantity of water that they drink during the day. It is recommended to administer along with AviLyte.

- 200 ml bottle.

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