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Seri-E 40grs

Seri-E 40grs
Seri-E 40grs
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It favors the fertility and quality of the offspring . Vitamin E powder ( amino acid )
Vitamin E is essential for the reproduction of all animals, but especially for those living in captivity , such as canaries, budgies , wild , exotic , pigeons and other birds cage . It is recommended to administer a vitamin E supplement during the breeding season to increase the zeal and fertility. Its use facilitates the pairing , the number of births , decreasing the proportion of clear eggs and hatchlings ensures stronger . It can also be used to increase sexual stamina of males of songbirds .
Dosage and use: 1 gr. per 250 ml of water and 250 g of pasta.
Target species : Canarios , pigeons and ornamental birds in general.
Composition : Vitamin E 50,000 mg 10,000 mg Arginine , Lysine 25000 mg, Excipient 1000 g
Presentation : 40 gr.

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