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LOR Insectivorous Frungivorous Insectivores Unifeed Feed

LOR Insectivorous Frungivorous Insectivores Unifeed Feed
LOR Insectivorous Frungivorous Insectivores Unifeed Feed
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LOR Insectivoros Frungivores Feed Unifeed

Unifeed Insectivores / Frugivores Compound food for exotic granivorous birds.


Cereals, tubers, vegetable protein, sugar, oil and fat, mineral salts, probiotics, amino acids, vitamins, antioxidants and natural flavors. Moisture 10%, Protein 17.5%, Fat 14%, Ash 4%, Calcium 0.7%, Phosphorus 0.45%, Sodium 0.15%

Instructions for use:

Supply the product as is in a trough to replace the mixture. To encourage acceptance of the product, water can be added to Unifeed until a uniform dough is obtained and a portion of the pasta they were eating will be added, in this way the animals will begin to incorporate it into the diet. As an alternative, you can add a piece of fruit or insects to the dough. Once we are sure that the animals eat it perfectly, we will proceed to supply it dry. Make clean water available daily. Close the container again to keep the product, keep in a cool and dry place.


Make sure completely of the perfect acceptance in the first days of the complete replacement of the seeds. It is not advisable to add vitamins or mineral salts to this product, because it is balanced for the needs of the species for which it is intended depending on the time of year.

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