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Papel rollo blanco 45 cm economy

Papel rollo blanco 45 cm economy
Papel rollo blanco 45 cm economy
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White roll paper 45 cm for Economy cages

Valid for Breeding Cages, by means of the paper support.

Waxed paper reel for cleaning cages, width 45 cm.

Used for hygiene and cleaning of cages.

It is made of white paper, has a waxed side, to prevent it from sticking to the trays and prevent paper breakage and the passage of liquids


- Place the waxed side in contact with the tray.

- Prevent trays from having residues adhered to them.

- Apply sporadically, silicone spray or wax on the trays to facilitate the sliding of the paper when it has abundant remains, this practice also avoids oxidation and facilitates the cleaning of the trays.

- It is convenient, in the daily check-up of the aviary, to give a small pull to the paper so that it advances one or two centimeters. This prevents the excrements from accumulating in the same position.

- When using bathtubs, wait for the paper to dry before removing

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