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birdy - finect

birdy - finect
birdy - finect
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Mite, officially the poultry red mite, are small insects that normally feed on the blood of birds. Of course, this is not good for the birds. The older birds are less affected by the mites. Birds after a long period weaken and cause their death.
birdy-finect newest method is a simple and secure way to keep birds. birdy-finect works on a national basis for mechanical dewatering of lice and nits.

Because Birdy-finect No chemicals, the overall condition of the birds is maintained. Lice do not build resistance, making the product again to continue working with the same dose of each

birdy-finect is easy to use:
To prevent: spray the aviary 1 time every 3 weeks
In case there mites or lice: Spray 1 time per week aviary
In the high concentration of lice spray is recommended both birds and places weekly.

Keep free of mites / mite feather mites birds / birds birdy-finect thanks
* The format 1 kg is taken from the 5 kg container

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