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Quiko Antifúngico, Monoprop 250 g

Quiko Antifúngico, Monoprop 250 g
Quiko Antifúngico, Monoprop 250 g
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Powder mixtures and add to pasta breeding, prevents infections by fungi and neutralizes toxins
Weight: 250 gr
There is a risk that birds will eat mold or their spores in humid areas surrounding the drinking container or bin in the soil as well as due to the wet grain storage.
Quiko Monoprop is a brown granulate comprises mineral carriers which have been impregandos with propionic acid. When blended with grain, propionic acid is converted into gas and exerts its lethal effect for fungi. A penetrating unpleasant odor that disappears after a few minutes occurs.
Dosage: 1 g Monoprop in 1 kg of grains.

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