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Papilla Psitacidas destete / Iniciación LOR Unifeed

Papilla Psitacidas destete / Iniciación LOR Unifeed
Papilla Psitacidas destete / Iniciación LOR Unifeed
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Weaning Pudding / LOR Unifeed Initiation

Characteristics: Non-fed happy parrot weaning is a complete compound feed for psittacine weaning. 

It represents the intermediate phase between "gelatin" feeding and dry feeding of the adult subject. 

Unifeed Happy Parrot Weaning, Unifeed Imbecco Psittacidi and Unifeed Psittacidi are formulated and believed to have the same organoleptic qualities (same taste and aroma), which allows the parrots to be weaned "by hand" for weeks and accustomed to the final feed. In fact, the parrot, perceiving the same taste as the gelatine it grew up with, starts feeding itself and first with Unifeed Happy Parrot Weaning before continuing with Unifeed Psittacidi Mantenimento (medium to large or small size, depending on the species). Instructions for use: add 30 to 40% of the weight of water to the product to achieve a compact consistency (for example, 60 grams of powder + 40 grams of water). 

Administer in a special container in an exclusive formula. To encourage the first hiring (in subjects of suitable age for weaning) it is necessary to omit the administration of one or two consecutive meals with the baby food and at the same time propose the wet product to the parrot; it is also useful to form balls of wet product with the fingers and thread them on the tongue of the parrot when it shows the behaviour of the imbecco (rhythmic movements of the head). Once you are sure of the assumption, it will be possible to eliminate the formula of the imbecchio. After some time (when weaning is completed) it will be possible to administer the dry product. 

Warnings: be sure to take the product carefully before the complete suspension of the baby food. Monitor the animal's health and weight in this critical phase (a 10% drop in the subject's weight is physiological during weaning, a greater weight loss should alert, in this case it is advisable to contact your poultry veterinarian); Replace wet products daily. Make a bowl of fresh water available daily. Close package to ensure fragrance.

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