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Nutribird A19 High Energy

Nutribird A19 High Energy
Nutribird A19 High Energy
Nutribird A19 High Energy
Nutribird A19 High Energy
Nutribird A19 High Energy
Nutribird A19 High Energy
Nutribird A19 High Energy
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NutriBird A19 High Energy is a paste for hand rearing chicks parrots, parrots, wild birds and poultry in general.
Scientifically it composed for an optimal growth. Complete for hand-rearing chicks birds with high energy requirements such as Grey Parrot, Ara, macaws, and other smaller species struggling to get ahead, up to 7 days old songbirds paste.
With lactobacilli and prebiotics (FOS + MOS) for a balanced crop flora and intestines. With enzymes and organic acids for optimal digestion. With essential fatty acids (DHA) for excellent resistance to disease. Optimum content of nutrients and energy for an ideal growth.
Paste the NutriBird hand-rearing should be used in:
- Bad breeding pairs: when some couples have already had experience reproductive problems.
- Valuable birds we do not want to take risks in behavior of parents for breeding.
- Too young: some species such as cockatoos, have a natural tendency to breed only 1 or 2 pups.
- Many age difference: too small calves can be oppressed by their larger nest-mates. In this case, as in the above, we can choose to withdraw the nest breeding the smallest or most breeding.
How to use:
The proportions of the mixture Nutribird A19 High Energy, age dependent chick.
Hatching egg - Day 2 Nutribird A19 = 1 serving = 6 servings H. Energy Water
Day 2 - Day 3 Nutribird A19 = 1 serving = 5 servings H. Energy Water
3rd - 4th Nutribird A19 = 1 serving = 4 servings H. Energy Water
4th - 5th Nutribird A19 = 1 serving = 3 servings H. Energy Water
Day 5 - weaning = 1 serving Nutribird H. Energy A19 = 2 to 2.5 parts water
It is advisable to carefully measure the amounts in the early preparations.
1. In a small bowl mix the recommended amounts in the table pasta breeding NutriBird A19 High Energy, boiled with hot water if the tap to prevent bacteria, or bottled water.
2. Mix the dough vigorously. Let stand a minute. If properly prepared, it is just getting a thick porridge.
3. Cool the resulting slurry to 39 ° C. Before use, stir well again to prevent water and pasta separate.
The slurry has to be freshly prepared for each meal of your bird.
Container; 800 grams

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