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chemi vit - nutrient plus papilla

chemi vit - nutrient plus papilla
chemi vit - nutrient plus papilla
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Nutrient Chemi vit plus porridge for canaries, lovebirds, bright colors, wild, cockatoos, parrots and nymphs 
Pastoncino FOR IMBECCO chick. CONTAINS FRUCTO and beta-glucans. 
Pastoncino imbecco truly innovative because it contains beta-glucans FRUCTO and stimulating the formation of a favorable intestinal flora, and increase the bodys defenses by strengthening the immune system. 
Granivorous and insectivorous birds: Dilute the product with warm water to make a soft dough, let it sit for a minute and stir before use; for the supply of honey, propolis and ginseng, it is recommended to add the water used for dilution, 15 drops FORTEX DEFENDER (per measure NUTRIENTS PLUS). 
Dilution can replace water with DEFENDER boot. 
3 parts of water and 3 tablespoons half teaspoon each STARTING DEFENSE MORE NUTRIENTS. 
250 gr 

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