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LOR Cria Diamante Pienso Unifeed

LOR Cria Diamante Pienso Unifeed
LOR Cria Diamante Pienso Unifeed
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LOR Cria Diamante I think Unifeed

compound feed for exotic granivorous birds


cereals, oils and fats, vegetable proteins, sugars, minerals, probiotics, vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants, flavorings.

How to use: feed the product as it is in the feeder, instead of the seed mixture. Provide clean water daily. Close the container once opened to preserve the fragrance, store in a cool, dry place.


-Reproduction: I think particularly rich in vitamins, provitamins and trace elements that should be administered about 2 months before laying (late winter-early spring); it stimulates the subjects to mate, increases fertility and favors the proper hatching of the eggs.

-Breeding: unifeed with a higher content of proteins, mineral salts and vitamin D for a correct growth of the pullets; it is used from the moment the eggs hatch (or a day or two before) until the weaning of the young; exclusive administration and in the "wet" form is recommended.

-Muda: unifeed with higher content of sulfur amino acids and zinc to support metabolism in the delicate period of molting.


unifeed throughout the year, for non-breeding or recently weaned animals, for incubating females. It has a supporting function and restoring liver function after metabolic stress such as oviposition (females) and molting.


carefully check the effective intake of the product in the first days of complete replacement of the seed mix.

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