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LOR Unifeed Exoticos Muda

LOR Unifeed Exoticos Muda
LOR Unifeed Exoticos Muda
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LOR Unifeed Exoticos Mute

Exotic Unifeed : compound feed for exotic granivorous birds such as Estrildidae and Ploceidae (diamonds, African/Asian exotics, weavers, paddies, etc.)

Composition : cereals, vegetable proteins, oils and fats, sugars, minerals, probiotics, vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants, aromas.

Directions for use : administer the product as it is or with the addition of water until a mixture of the consistency of an artisan ice cream is obtained. In the latter case, the palatability of the unifeed usually increases but it is necessary to replace the unused product at least once a day (especially in summer);

Method for conversion to unifeed : most animals like the product immediately even when it dries; while for those who are reluctant to eat an unknown food or for particularly neofrophobic species it is useful to add water until it reaches the consistency of an artisan ice cream in which a small amount of seeds will be mixed (10-15%) to force the animal to taste it while looking for seeds (all clearly after removing the seed mixture or anything else from the aviary). Once we are sure of the unifeed intake, we will proceed to the exclusive administration of the dry or wet product.

Types :

Reproduction : unifeed particularly rich in vitamins, provitamins and microelements to be administered about 2 months before laying (late winter, early spring); it stimulates subjects to mate, increases fertility and promotes proper hatching of eggs.

Breeding: unifeed with higher content in proteins, mineral salts and Vit. D for the correct growth of the pullus; it is used from the moment the eggs hatch (or one or two days before) until the weaning of the young; "wet" administration is recommended.

Moult: unifeed with a higher content of sulphur amino acids and zinc to support the metabolism in a delicate period such as moulting.

Maintenance: unifeed throughout the year, for non-reproducing or recently weaned individuals. Supports and restores liver function after metabolic stresses such as oviposition (females) and moulting

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