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Serinus Fórmula Blanca Mantenimiento

Serinus Fórmula Blanca Mantenimiento
Serinus Fórmula Blanca Mantenimiento
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  • Brands Psittacus
  • Model 3614

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L-V: 8:00 - 18:00
Serinus White Formula Maintenance is indicated for breed canaries that should not show red, orange or yellowish colors (including recessive white) in their plumage. It does not contain carotenoids or xanthophylls.
The maintenance formula is the one indicated to be supplied during the period of reproductive rest. For ornamental and singing animals we will also usually use the maintenance formula.
- Daily consumption:
The average consumption is around 3-4 g per animal per day. The consumption is variable according to the environmental temperature (at lower temperature, higher consumption). We recommend to supply it ad libitum.
- Recommendations:
Serinus formulas are complete foods. The birds obtain all the necessary nutrients to enjoy optimum health, excellent vigor and an unbeatable quality of plumage.
They are designed to be supplied as a single diet. Optionally they can be used together with seeds in mixed diets. They must be supplied dry and in feeders with grid. It is advisable to keep them in a cool and dry place

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