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Cantaxantine de san dimas 10 grs

Cantaxantine de san dimas 10 grs
Cantaxantine de san dimas 10 grs
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Birds coloring factor San Dimas Red Cantaxantine
Canthaxanthin is a powerful colorant red canaries. The pigment has a very deep red color and is used mixed with pasta breeding.
This dye provides variable red birds as genetics and the doses used. To be given in moderate doses, because the liver is unable to synthesize an excessive amount. The contribution of the dye in the paste should be made from that couples are formed in the breeding cage until the canaries have completed the phase of the move, because once the renewal of their feathers completed these dyes have no effect. If you notice a strong red color in the stool, it is advisable to suspend the dye for a few days for the liver rest before this excess supplementation.
It is supplied at a rate of 1 g per kg Cantaxantine cake ground to provide our bright red canaries.
Cantaxantine San Dimas is without doubt the best coloring Red Market factor.
Packaging: 10gr

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