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Arizona cage is undoubtedly one of the best cabin choices for your bird, given its simplicity, breadth and comfort.
The spacious cabin that constitutes Arizona Cage will allow the placement of feeders, drinking fountains and toys for your pet, constituting a comfortable space with all the equipment your bird may need.
?The cage has a rectangular shape. The curvature of the roof gives the cage an oriental style. The measures, without the excrement protection and the feet, are of 67 cm x 57 cm. X 125 cm. (L x W x H). The Arizona Cage order includes a wooden hanger to provide rest for your pet, as well as three stainless steel feeders.
The bars of the grate are horizontal so your bird can climb and play by the bars. They have a separation of 20 mm and a thickness of 4 mm.
At the front is the door, which is large and sturdy. This allows your bird to enter and exit without difficulty, at the same time, that will give you the freedom to accommodate the cage as you like.
The top opening door is optimal for flying or to land on top. This door opens easily and is fixed with a stick. In this way, your parrot will be able to sit comfortably and contemplate the landscape or its garden.
On the floor of the cage is a specific tray to lay the bed and facilitate cleaning. It is a removable drawer very easy to clean. In addition, it has a grate for excrement of easy extraction. This fence prevents your pet from escaping at the same time. When the bird sits on the floor of the cage, protection for excrement will prevent any dirt particles from falling out of the cage. Thus, the surroundings of the cage will be kept clean, which will facilitate the cleaning.
It has wheels to facilitate the mobility of the cage. Decide to change the site according to your preferences. The cage is optimal for both interiors and for terraces and balconies.
Measures of the parrot cage Arizona
  • Interior dimensions: 125 cm. (High) x 67 cm. (Width) x 57 cm. (depth)
  • Exterior measures with the excrement protection: 77 cm. (Width) x 67 cm. (depth)
  • Total height: 175 cm.
  • Door dimensions: 63.5 cm. (High) x 27.5 cm (wide)
Other data:
  • Space between bars: 20 mm
  • Thickness of bars: 4 mm
  • Color: black
  • Non-toxic paint (not toxic to your bird)
Dispose of:
  • top opening
  • 3 swivel stainless steel troughs. Of 12 cm. diameter
  • Wooden hanger.
  • Removable grid and tray.
  • Safety lock




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