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Anti-Coccidiose (SjoerdZwart)

Anti-Coccidiose  (SjoerdZwart)
Anti-Coccidiose (SjoerdZwart)
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Anti-Coccidiose (SjoerdZwart)

Coccidiosis is a parasite that mainly affects the intestines of birds. If cocciciosis is in the small intestine, we see it in blood in the stool. If coccidiosis is higher in the intestine, the stools are black. In general, it is also more watery. Small veins of blood can be seen in the lower abdomen. This is the initial stage of coccidiosis. If left untreated, coccidiosis will spread further into the body. The intestines are affected even more and it goes to the brain. It then spreads to all other organs. 

During this process we see that the bird becomes thinner, because the intestines are affected and can absorb less food. The bird remains active, that is the insidious thing about coccidiosis, it is not easily noticed. Then we see that the liver swells and turns dark red/purple. This continues until the liver is blue/black. Then the bird will die. 

Any bird infected with coccidiosis will not fertilize or lay eggs. 

Coccidiosis usually manifests itself in moulting and breeding. 

In the past, different types of antibiotics were available to treat coccidiosis. Unfortunately, these products are banned in the EU. The solution we have for you is: Anti-Coccidiosis This is a product to combat coccidiosis in your birds. 

Developed especially for you based on high quality plant extracts and essential oils. We recommend administering Anti-Coccidise daily during moulting. And the first 5 days of life of the chicks. Preventive we recommend giving it 3 consecutive days a month. 

Application 1ml to 1 litre of water 

50ML bottle with dosing dropper

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