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Miracle 250 grs (New Canariz)

Miracle 250 grs (New Canariz)
Miracle 250 grs (New Canariz)
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Miracle is a multivitamin antibacterial against the mortality of newborn birds.
Used consistently, it develops a balance action of the intestinal bacterial flora that improves the digestive and immunological activity of the subjects.
We recommend constant use during the molt period to obtain excellent results.
For best results, its regular use is recommended during the period of rearing and weaning.
dextrose, corn starch, plant extracts, natural flavors,
It contains cereals and / or flours and / or sugars.
Analytical content:
Crude protein 11.4%
crude lipids 1.5%
1.5% crude fiber
raw ashes 3.5%
methionine 10%
Interaction per kg:
Vitamin A U.I 540,000
Vitamin D3 UI 120.00
Vitamin E (AlF.A.91% mg 2000
Vitamin B1 100 mg
Vitamin B2 250 mg
Vitamin B6 200 mg
Vitamin B12 mg 2
Vitamin PP 1800 mg
Vitamin K3 (men, Sodium, Bis) 120 mg
Folic acid mg. fifty
Pantothenic acid 520 mg
Biotin vit H mg 10
Choline chloride 20,000 mg
Manganese (mang oxide 3500 mg)
Zinc (zinc oxide) 3,200 mg
Copper softra pent mg ??400 mg
Iron (carbohydrates, iron) 2,400 mg
Jodium (potassium iodide) 50 mg
Cobalt (carb, bas, cob, mon) mg 8
Methionine Mg 100,000
Lysine 80,000 mg
Use 25 grs for each kilo of food
250 grs

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