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Men For San

Product for environmental use, do not apply in the presence of animals.   Scented insecticide spray for the treatment of external parasite infestations in all types of cage birds (canaries, goldfinches, parakeets, parrots). Indicated to eliminate and prevent piojillos, aphids and ticks that ..
Ex Tax:4.09€
Spray insecticide treatment perfumed external parasite infestations in sports and messenger pigeons that eliminate and prevent thrips, aphids and garrapatillas that cause symptoms such as restlessness, abandonment of nests, plucking feathers loss and progressive thinning. For shock treatment against..
Ex Tax:7.95€
Disinfectant for direct use for application in bird cages. With this product you will achieve an optimal and comfortable hygiene of the cage of your birds, improving at the same time your health by reducing the possibility of reinfestations of internal parasites or bacterial infections. Its spec..
Ex Tax:4.83€
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