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Ibérica de Ornitología

Alpiste Canada Disfa
Alpiste Canada DisfaHigh quality seed, originally from Canada with high carbohydrate content and low fat content, so it is advisable to supply them with other types of seeds that have a higher proportion of fats. Suitable for all types of granivorous birds..
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Chia Disfa
Chia DisfaChia (Hispanic sage) is a seed that is formed mainly by oils (from 32 to 39%) with a high protein content (around 20%).It is the vegetable source with the highest concentration of Omega 3 and 6 and natural antioxidants. They contain B vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B6 and B8), vitamin E and vitamin..
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Hygienic bed Tuttolo de Maiz Description: Hygienic bed made with ears of corn, ideal for small animals and birds, does not adhere to the coat or legs, extra absorbent and free of dust. Format: 5L..
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Natural vitamin supplement, enriched with minerals and vitamins necessary for the health of birds in captivity. It acts as a powerful regulator of the digestive system, increasing its defenses.   Characteristics:   End the anemias and other deficiency diseases, which currently suffer..
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Mxt. Suprema sin Nabina (Disfa)
Mxt Supreme without Nabina (Disfa)Mix for canaries, suitable formula recommended throughout the year. Composition: Birdseed, black, knob, linseed and hemp seedAnalysis: Crude Protein 19.70%, Crude Fiber 14.28%, Crude Oils and Fats 5.66%, Crude Ash 5.92%Instructions for use: Leave the average amount ..
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Oregano in Dust (Disfa)   Description: Food supplement that acts as a natural anticocidiosis, exerts protective action and healing of the intestinal mucosa in canaries and birds of adornment; better health and lower mortality.   Format: 250 gr...
Ex Tax:7.50€
Ortiga Disfa
Nettle DisfaStimulant of the digestive system and anti diarrheal, protects the liver and helps its recovery in the case of liver disease, contains flavonoids (antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action), mineral salts, organic acids, pro vitamin A, C and E; magnificent for the preparation of birds for..
Ex Tax:9.55€
Pipa Pelada Disfa
Peeled Pipe DisfaSeed rich in fatty acids and vegetable proteins, contains calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium and vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant. It is obtained from the sunflower plant.Raw and salt-free ground pipe.Nutritional properties (per 100 gr): Energy 570 Kcal, Proteins 26 gr, Carb..
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Prebiotico Disfa Natural powdered product made from cereals for ornamental birds. It can be used as a single or complementary treatment in indigestion processes and their complications (bloating, diarrhea, constipation, etc.) Convalescence (after antibiotics use) Food supplement to improve feed..
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Protector Hepatico, is a hepato-modulator compound based on artichoke extract and choline chloride. Its effects are determined by a better hepatoprotection, an increase of hepatic detoxification, a more efficient immunoresponder, an increase of the production and liberation of bile.   These e..
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Rusk Disfa 3,5 kg
It is mainly used in breeding season, mixed with the stuffing paste. Keeps the brood paste fresh and moist, which makes it easier for the pigeons to wrap.To the rusk, you can also add medications, vitamins, etc. Suitable for hot weather, since it takes longer to ferment...
Ex Tax:10.45€
Fungicide powder and detoxifying antigungica activi     Antifungal powder mixture and desentoxicante to be incorporated into pastas breeding and seed for feeding birds, as an inhibitor and preventive growth and proliferation of molds and yeasts. Thus the concuentes biodegradaciones, nutr..
Ex Tax:7.00€
probiotic 375 gr - intestinal flora   It forming dewatering concentrated live lactic acid bacteria, is used to regenerate the intestinal flora maintaining a very effective optimum balance after antibiotic treatment and after vaccinations, stimulates the immune system contributing to disease ..
Ex Tax:7.00€
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