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THISTLE PROPERTIES     When milk thistle is called the friend of the liver for its benefits. Milk thistle is known by other names like carde marie milk thistle. The plant is 70-150 cm tall. Its stem is usually well rectum. Milk thistle has purple flowers.   Milk thistle benefits ..
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Vitamin K belongs to the liposoubles vitamins and is a very important in blood clotting agent and the generation of red blood cells , preventing intestinal bleeding . Important in the growth of the chicks .   The presence of some diseases like coccidia , Newcastle, Etc. Increase four times t..
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Complement Ornithological High Quality Bird food product that provides the required amount of amino acids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants high absorption elements. These components produce an improvement in the immune system that makes the bird more resistant to various diseases and a..
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The Miraculous Chia is a seed scammers Special Nutritional properties para birds.   Chia (Salvia hispanica L.) is a small oval seed (2 mm in length), light brown colors and native Mexico, where its special composition and its beneficial properties for the Fitness Were discovered hundreds of ..
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Health mixture seeds    Complete food for seed-eating birds such as finches, canaries estrilidos type and wild and exotic and highly recommended for periods exotic highly recommended for periods of adaptation, nursing, molting, illness or simply to supplement providing a more varied diet.  ..
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recommended by breeders. Can be served pure for vigorous birds with intense activity or mixed with a third more canaryseed when mixed.Protein: 18%.Fibers: 16%.Fats: 24%...
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Complete food mix   Complete mixture for goldfinches and Verdones . It contains a variety of quality seeds needed for growth and health of these birds.   jarad canaries bird food mix premifood   Jarad is a brand 100 % dedicated to Andalusian bird food for over ten years..
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Especially suitable for busiest times, Its content in hempseed, flaxseed and negrillo to provide the extra energy required.   Protein 18%   Fibers 20%   Fat 13%   Packed by Jarad  ..
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Mixture of great wealth and high protein fiber. The extra contribution of knob facilitates the assimilation of nutrients and improves digestion canary.   Protein 16%   Fibers 19%   Fat 14%  ..
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Mix oats without negrillo rich and the consensus among canaricultores.   Protein 15.6% Fibers 19% Fats 12.4%   Packed by Jarad  ..
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Special wild type with high contents of knob (favorite seed of this species as particular), thistle, buckwheat and Graminaceous mixture. Protein 16% Fibers 18% Fat 21% Packed by Jarad Embasadado: 700gr 5kg  ..
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Consuming this mixture makes the bird quickly acquire a sturdy, healthy, with bright feathers, fatty meats and very lively appearance. Proteins 17% Fibers 14% Fat 19% Packed by Jarad  ..
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Premium food for parrots from seeds with dried fruit and cereals fortified with flakes and granules Vitaminics suplememento providing extra vitamins, proteins and trace elements. 3 kg..
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Complete food without Alpiste   Complete mixing without Alpiste  ..
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Complete food without Avena   Complete mixture for canaries without oats , which makes it ideal for a light mixture warm climates or prevent overweight     Jarad is a brand dedicated to 100 % Andalusian bird food for over ten years. In its food uses only c..
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The most classic to germinate with a majority base rape selected for its germination. Noted as a natural inducer of heat for fattening in breeding season, recovery of convalescent animals as a natural vitamin content and the rest of the year.   Protein 19.6% Fibers 10% Fat 36%   ..
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Seed Germination without Doré - Special negrillo 4 kg Target species: Canarios and Exotics. Composition: Hemp, safflower, white lettuce, yellow millet, rape black, negro, baby branched pipe, radish, green soybeans, red sorghum, white sorghum and wheat. Directions: Mix see..
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The blue poppy seeds are rich in fat, however it is a seed that is not used for its nutritional properties but by the effect it has on the bird. Like other seeds nervous system effects, very moderate use has a calming effect on birds nervous or under stress. Managed slightly higher dose, however, th..
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The grains are subjected to temperatures above 105 ° C, hydrothermal process. This achieves inactivate lipase and peroxidase enzymes, preventing the breakdown of the grains. Consequently, by stabilizing, preserving the quality is achieved and prolong product life.   Nutritional Values ??(app..
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Fennel seed is anethole and tarragon, it helps balance the digestive system, aids digestion , reduces intestinal discomfort , facilitating evacuation .   Nutritional Values ??: Minerals, calcium, iron , magnesium , phosphorus , potassium , zinc , vitamins AE- B1 -B2 -B3 -B6 -B12 -CDE   ..
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Garlic is considered one of the most important healing plant . It is effective as an antibiotic , fighting many fungi , bacteria and viruses , usually antiseptic , stimulating immunity, worming , callicida ...   Nutrients and vitamins : sodium potassium, phosphorus, iron , zinc , vitamins AE..
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Milk thistle is a good anti inflammatory liver and helps regenerate.   Canary or finch starting to be fed with thistle seed , you can highlight the increased appetite and the establishment of equilibrium in the intestinal functions .   In breeding red factor canary , for suff..
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Plant traditionally used to help strengthen the natural defenses .   Echinacea owes its action to the mechanical stimulation of the body s own defense . This stimulation allows the body is more protected from infections such as bronchitis, candiasis .. among others.   Composi..
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Supplementary food for birds   The composition of oranges and coconut contains several kinds of vitamins , such as C , A, B1 , B2 , B3 , B5 , B6 , B7 , B9 and B12.   The most abundant mineral in their composition are potassium , magnesium, phosphorus , calcium, iron , Zibc , ..
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Nutritional information:   Vitamins: A- C - D - E -K- B1 -B2 -B3 -B5 -B6 -B7 -B9 -B12   Content : Protein , carbohydrates, fiber , calcium, iron , zinc , phosphorus , potassium, magnesium.   It is a powerful natural antibiotic , antibacterial , anti fungal , anti parasitic, d..
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Chemical composition: contains flavonoids , mineral salts, organic acids , vitamins A, C , B2 , E and K , beta-carotene , iron, calcium , magnesium, sicilio , phosphates , etc.   Nettle Properties : Stimulate the zeal of birds. It helps balance the intestinal flora.   Reduce red and ..
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Purslane is one of the vegetables rich in omega -3 known. Vitamins A, B1 , B2 , B3 , C, E. Beta-carotene (7 times more than the carrot)   Minerals : potassium, calcium , magnesium, iron , phosphorus ... amino acids . Bioflavonoids as liquiritina . Important antioxidants such as glutathio..
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Dandelion is one of the best natural sources of beta-carotene and vitamin A.   Also has a high content of iron, magnesium , phosphorus , calcium, potassium , thymine , riboflavin, vitamin C , vitamin K, vitamin H and proteins.   Composition : Cereals . Dandelions , excipient .   ..
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Seeds with a high protein content. Stimulates appetite of birds. Should be given moderately, so that birds are not fed in excess. Suitable for canaries, European birds, exotic birds, parakeets wavy, large parakeets and parrots. Packing: 1 Kg y 4 Kg..
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Safflower Safflower-   Rich seed is very similar to sunflower seeds white grease, but has smaller dimensions. These seeds will not be consumed by our birds if there are sunflower seeds available.   Properties: Water 7.2% Protein 14.3% Carbohydrates 16.5%, Fibre 31.2%, 28.0% Fat Conte..
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This functional feeder can feed a lot of birds. It is made of durable plastic. In feeding our birds, not only to take into account the quality of the food for the bird, also the way in which this is dispensed.  ..
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Food Premium Blend   Mix full premium for Australian Diamonds. Contains all quality seeds that the birds needed for proper growth and vigorous health .     Jarad is a brand dedicated to 100 % Andalusian bird food for over ten years. In its food uses only carefully selected q..
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Complete mix of superior quality for exotic birds. Contains all the quality seeds that exotic birds need for proper growth and vigorous health.Jarad is a 100% Andalusian brand dedicated to bird food for over ten years. Only carefully selected quality raw materials are used in its food and each of th..
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Cockatoo is supreme for larger birds that require special nutrients and variety in their diet. Jarad has developed a special formula for parrots, with high protein content for their specific needs. This food contains a variety of tastes to keep your bird happy, while delivering optimal nutrition nec..
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This paste is particularly suitable for breeding canaries or white plumage with light colors such as mosaic , satin , etc. . No products containing dyes to highlight its bright white plumage.   Their main nutritional advantages are:    It contains large amounts of vitamin A, vitamin ..
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It is the most common type of millet. It is high in carbohydrates.   It is eaten without problems for almost all types of birds.   Suitable for canaries, European birds, exotic birds, budgies, large parakeets and parrots.   1kg and 5kg..
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Complete food for Canaries, rich in proteins that offer their canaries great vitality and energy. Careful selection and controls during the cleaning process ensures the high quality of all the seeds that make up Jarad mixtures. Directions: Managing the amount of product needed on the feede..
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Black pipe for goldfinches, linnets, or to see similar size    Seeds rich in fats with a high content of iron, calcium, vitamin E and vitamin B2. They should be mainly at the time of encelamiento birds (due to its high content of vitamin E) and in the fattening of chicks accompanying pasta b..
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Flour baked , high-quality wheat, which stands out for its ability to absorb water , which keeps it moist and fresh pasta for longer. His great appetite encourages parents to parents to feed their chicks. It provides protein and high energy carbohydrates .   Rusk replaces the couscous : it i..
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Radish seeds of excellent quality. The radish seeds are an ideal complement for mating season. It is a seed rich in protein and especially in vitamin C    Media Analysis: Protein 10%, Fat 8.79%, carbohydrates 36%, Moisture 9.70%..
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12,5 x 10 x 8  ..
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Small birds carrying case as nymphs , lovebirds and birds of similar size. Made of sturdy cardboard and openings so that birds can breathe . Dimensions: 26 wide x 19 cm high x 14.50 background..
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Carrier made of wood, ideal for transporting lovebirds or birds of similar size.Measurements: 13.5 cm wide X 15 cm high X 12.5 cm deep..
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Transportín made of wood, suitable for transporting canaries or birds of similar size.   Measures: 12 cm wide X 11,5 cm high X 9 cm deep..
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Seed rich in beta carotene, vit B2, magnesium and potassium. Low fat, carbohydrates and protein. Very refreshing. Contributes to the proper functioning of the digestive system.   Packaging:400 g and 3 kg..
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Jarad Premature Selection CanaryseedPure canaryseed specially selected and stored in optimal quality conditions to avoid respiratory diseases.Protein 14 %.Fiber 21%.Presentation: 1 kg bag, 5 kg bag, 25 kg bag...
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Broccoli, is widely used in canaricultura and SILVESTRISMO, is one of the cornerstones for breeding, this vegetable that has high nutritional value lies mainly in its high content of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and proteins.   Composition: CEREALS, broccoli and excipient.   Dos..
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It contains natural extracts of plant origin that do not accumulate in the liver.It intensifies the existing red color of the feathers in species such as the goldfinch, the Pardillo sicerín, Pardillo common, Cardenalitos de Venezuela, Canarias mosaics in red, Carpodacus Mexican Mexicans, as well as ..
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White grit to anis brand Jarad   Recommended for canaries, parakeets, wild and exotic   As a daily supplement, it is essential to avoid decalcification during the breeding season. Strengthens the shell of the egg and promotes digestion...
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Grit - fine gauge Seashells bird   Recommended for canaries, budgies, wild and exotic   As daily complemeto being essential to prevent softening during the breeding season. Strengthens the eggshell and helps digestion...
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Natural Food Peeled Pips for Birds   Great food of Premium peeled pipes.   JARAD seeds provide natural, complete and balanced nutrition for all birds in captivity.   Its manufacturing process is carried out through a meticulous selection of ingredients and through controls ca..
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Jarad Foniopaddy is a unique and 100% natural seed with very high feeding values. Many bird breeders subscribe to the medicinal properties of the seeds of this energy and it is used in the fight against coccidia.Coccidiosis is an intestinal disease that affects cage birds. This type of disease mainl..
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Jarad Foniopaddy is a unique and natural 100% seed with very high feed values. Many bird breeders subscribe medicinal properties to the seeds of this energy and it is used in the fight against coccidia.   Coccidiosis is an intestinal disease that affects cage birds. This type of enferem..
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Healthy and nutritious appetizer for birds. These seeds have a high nutritional value. They provide a multitude of vitamins and minerals and are a natural source of unsaturated fatty acids and carotenes.   Ingredients: 100% Red Millet.   Medium Analysis: Protein 10.8%, Fat 4.4%, Fibe..
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Special food for small tropical, such as Goulds diamond, mandarin diamond and Australian diamonds in general.   Contains: Yellow millet, red millet, Japanese millet, canary seed, paniset   Guidance values:   Proteins: 14.51%   Fibers: 10.99%   Fats: 5.61% ..
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Jarad Mixt. Cotorritas, Nymphs and Agapornis is a feast of mixtures of high quality seeds for your little birds, which provide adequate growth and development.   This is a complete food based on first level raw materials, which have been carefully selected as birdseed, peeled oats, yellow mi..
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Jarad Periquito The Best Selection is a nutritious complete mix for the daily nutrition of the parakeets. The formula combines seeds, cereals and baked by-products, to provide the parakeet with everything it needs to nourish itself and strengthen its health. An ideal balance of proteins, fibers, fat..
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Complete food for Agapornis and Nymphs, rich in proteins that offer their canaries great vitality and energy.   The careful selection and controls carried out during the cleaning process guarantees the high quality of all the seeds that make up the Jarad mixtures.   How to use: Manag..
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Asegurese Grandes Exitos Alimentando con this mixtura un Canarios de Jarad. This Mezcla Ofrece la Nutrición de los animales mas equilibrada y completa de Mercado Compuesta de semillas y productos naturales. Composición: Alpiste, cañamon, linaza, nabina negra, negrillo, perilla blanca y raban..
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Feeding this mixture to their greater goldfinches Jarad, success is assured.   This mixture provides the most complete and balanced animal feed market consists of seeds and natural products.   Composition: Chicory, canary seed, hemp seed, Graminaceous, bulk lettuce, linseed..
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The high germination negrillo premifood jarad is a very high quality negrillo, highly appreciated by canaries due to its pleasant taste.It is a seed rich in fats (38-43%) and proteins (23%) with a certain exciting effect that favours the depositions and gives brightness to the plumage.Premmifood Hig..
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The Paniset, are seeds of panizo. Ideal food for parakeets, exotic birds (mandarin diamond, gould diamond, etc).   It belongs to the family of millet and has very similar nutritional contributions to it, which contributes to a good diet.   Thanks to the small size of this seed, the b..
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Slurry to raise birds and other Psittacidae hand   The pastas are breeding more nutritional support it provides carbohydrates , proteins and vitamins needed for optimal growth and recovery Chicks parent.   This porridge is ideal for hand rearing chicks nymph agaporni , parakeet , par..
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Complete food for the breeding of birds   Recommendations for use: Dilute in water until you get a liquid consistency: serve at a warm temperature between 20 and 30 ºC It can be supplied with a teaspoon or with a suitable syringe probe to the size of the animal, introducing the probe to ..
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Pasta Premifood Amarilla Mórbida 10 kg
-15 %
Premifood breeding paste is a complete food for birds, it contains all the necessary elements for young and adult birds.Ideal for periods of rest, breeding and/or moulting. Containing black that is rich in fat, beneficial for plumage and deposition. Contains vitamins D3, A and E and Omega 3.Proteins..
24.95€ 29.50€
Ex Tax:22.68€
Pasta Premifood Blanca Mórbida 10 kg (SIN DORÉ)
-14 %
Premifood breeding paste is a complete food for birds, it contains all the necessary elements for young and adult birds.Ideal for periods of rest, breeding and/or moulting. Containing black that is rich in fat, beneficial for plumage and deposition. Contains vitamins D3, A and E and Omega 3.Proteins..
25.85€ 29.95€
Ex Tax:23.50€
Perilla Blanca 3Kg JaradSeed rich in fat and protein, low in carbohydrates. It contains calcium and phosphorus.It does not damage the liver or digestive system. Do not give in excess.I always had to be present in the feeding of our wild birds...
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The seeds are oleaginous seeds, very appreciated by parrots of all sizes. We must bear in mind that they should not be the only basis of their diet. They have a high content of albumin (15%), vitamin E, B1, B2, niacin, iron, phosphorus, potassium, vegetable fats and proteins.   Jarad is a 10..
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The variety of seeds that compose it makes it very versatile for silvestrismo in general.   Proteins 18% fibers: 16%   fat: 20%    packaging:   1 kg, 3 kg , 20 kg..
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I carrier made of wood, ideal for transporting birds lovebirds or similar size.   Measurements: 29 cm wide x 15 cm high x 12.5 cm deep  ..
Ex Tax:4.55€
It is an association of vitamins containing a protective glass and prevent bleeding . We use in times of stress and in all cases of bleeding , to strengthen the immune defenses in therapeutic treatments ( coccidia , anthelmintic , etc ) .   USE : It is indicated for all kinds of birds , espe..
Ex Tax:10.86€
Dumper seeds to replenish the feeders indicated without seeds pour..
Ex Tax:9.05€
Prestige Premium White Millet is a grass that has the botanical name of panicum miliaceum and is one of the most nutritious grains you can give to your bird. Millet contains high levels of proteins, carbohydrates, B-complex vitamins, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium in addition to a host of other..
Ex Tax:6.44€
Complete food for lovebirds and parakeets   Notes : premium food for lovebirds that provides an extra supplement of vitamins , proteins and trace elements. Therefore this diet helps to strengthen the immune system   Ingredients: birdseed , peeled oats, flax , hemp , elm , red..
Ex Tax:1.95€
Gramineae seeds are of high quality with a high protein and vitamin value.   Ideal to supply the birds mixed with other seeds throughout the year...
Ex Tax:4.54€
Seashells Fine Calibre for Birds    Recommended for:    Canarios  parakeets  wild  Exotics ...    Recommended as a daily supplement, being essential to avoid disqualification during the breeding season. Eggshell Strengthens and promotes digestion.    5 kg ..
Ex Tax:5.68€
Seashells Fine Calibre for Birds    Recommended for:    Canarios  parakeets  wild  Exotics ...    Recommended as a daily supplement, being essential to avoid disqualification during the breeding season. Eggshell Strengthens and promotes digestion.    The a..
Ex Tax:5.58€
Jarad breeding yellow paste.   Stabilized slurry ideal for all types of bird cage canary yellow factor. Maintains the pigmentation without excess   INGREDIENTS derivatives cereals, soy midronizada, live yeast starter cultures lyophilized, powdered egg, niger seed, sugar, dairy (whey,..
Ex Tax:3.27€
Jarad paste tropical breeding   Stabilized slurry is very effective during breeding. With a new more palatable formula and more aroma.   INGREDIENTS derivatives cereals, soy midronizada, live yeast starter cultures lyophilized, powdered egg, niger seed, sugar, dairy (whey, Casina, la..
Ex Tax:3.27€
This breeding paste is especially indicated for canaries with white plumage or with light colours such as mosaic, satin, etc. It does not contain colouring products to make its white and shiny plumage stand out. INGREDIENTS Derived from cereals, midronised soya, live yeasts, freeze-dried lactic..
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Jarad breeding red pulp.   Stabilized slurry suitable for red factor canaries. Keeps without excess pigmentation. It is very effective for breeding. With a new more palatable formula and more aroma.   INGREDIENTS derivatives cereals, soy midronizada, live yeast starter cultures lyoph..
Ex Tax:3.27€
Cria Pasta Verdura, supplementary food fowl   INGREDIENTS Dereivados cereal, soy midronizada, live yeast starter cultures lyophilized, powdered egg, niger seed, sugar, dairy (whey, Casina, lacto proteins), natural flavors, preservative BHT, BHA, ethoxyquin.   Continene biological add..
Ex Tax:3.27€
Paste insectivorous birds and small mammals.   Jarad paste for insect breeding animals is an application especially designed to feed and raise insectivorous birds or in your diet include insects such as the Blackbirds, nightingales, finches, sparrows, paste etc ..   It also serves as..
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Composite food that strengthens, enhances and restores the song of all kinds of birds thanks to its high energy and tonic.   Ingedientes: hemp seed, cactus, endive, lettuce, linseed, rape black, negro, poppy seed, vit. yellow, anise  ..
Ex Tax:1.59€
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