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Drinker 10 liters CopeleDrinkers made of high-resistance antibacterial plastic, ideal for chickens and all types of poultry in different capacities and available with or without legs for any type of terrain or mode of use on the ground or hanging...
Ex Tax:8.22€
Drinker 2 litres CopeleSemi-automatic drinkers for chicks made of high-strength anti-bacterial plastic, the reduced thickness of the plate prevents chicks from accidentally drowning. The drinker stands directly on the floor with or without legs...
Ex Tax:2.44€
Drinker 5 liters CopeleSemi-automatic chick drinkers made of highly resistant antibacterial plastic, its reduced thickness plate prevents chicks from accidentally drowning.The drinker rests directly on the ground with or without legs.Detachable for filling. Without legs and with a handle for transpo..
Ex Tax:5.08€
8 liter hopper CopeleMeasurements (front, bottom, height) 22x22x28 cm..
Ex Tax:7.18€
8 liter hopper CopeleMeasurements (front, bottom, height) 22x22x28 cm..
Ex Tax:7.02€
Automatic mini bird drinker   This drinker is ideal for small birds, who spend many hours alone in the house or for large aviaries. Maintains a constant water level, renewing it continuously thanks to the level valve without pressure. This product is ideal for holiday season. It is fixed..
Ex Tax:3.58€
Plastic Feeder COPELE 40 cmFeeder for 1st age chicks, designed in a channel format to allow the access of several chicks.Its anti-perching plastic cover prevents chicks from dirtying the feed, serving as anti-waste at the same time...
Ex Tax:2.85€
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