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nest colorines   Set consisting of iron portanidos nest of jute wild.   Nest diameter 8 cm..
Ex Tax:1.96€
Trunk Nest to exotic .   Give your pet a special place to sleep or breed ; make you feel "at home " offering an Nido trunk . Furthermore, it is ideal to keep in perfect condition the length of your nails and beak . Entertained all the corner !..
Ex Tax:3.37€
Simple and practical wooden sticks for cages. They are indispensable in the cage of your winged companion. The bird needs appropriate roosting and resting surfaces. With its oval shape avoid deformities in the legs and your bird will have a perfect poise and naturally without risk of caught in the b..
Ex Tax:0.85€
Canarian pan nest on white with hook High quality plastic, easy to clean. Hook to place it inside cage 9 cm in diameter..
Ex Tax:0.74€
Nest Canarian pan, with hook for cage fronts Orange Canary Plastic Nest High quality plastic, easy to clean. Hook to place it inside cage 9 cm in diameter..
Ex Tax:1.07€
Heesakkers baking trough with innkeeper Plastic of great quality, very easy to clean. Measurements of the container 3.5 cm depth 9.5 cm width 2 cm height..
Ex Tax:0.50€
Frontal with measures 100 cm wide 40 cm high.   Description   - 2 entrance door - 4 holes for feeders - 2 door for nest - Includes feeding doors   Distance between bars 1,2 cm   Zinc plated finish..
Ex Tax:14.56€
HEESAKKERS gel   This blood lice gel is a perfect way to combat blood lice in the nest. And it is completely harmless to your birds. Place the gel inside the nest...
Ex Tax:15.91€
Hygrometer Instrument used to measure the moisture content in the atmosphere...
Ex Tax:8.22€
White fake eggs size parrot eggs.Usually used in poultry farming to stimulate laying in the nest although we can also use it as decoration or artistic...
Ex Tax:0.64€
Nest support made of Terracotta for Canaries, you can place nest on top or that the bird fill it with goat hair   Diameter 11 cm   Depth 6 cm..
Ex Tax:0.74€
Canarian nest in orange with hookNest holder for canaries and wild birds nests. Made of high quality and hardness orange plastic with plastic hooksDiameter 9 cm..
Ex Tax:1.31€
Wire nest for the Canary Islands, largeMeasures 14x14x18..
Ex Tax:2.66€
Large orange canary plastic nest High quality plastic, easy to clean. Hook to place it inside cage 10 cm in diameter..
Ex Tax:0.74€
Metal accessory to hang on the outside of the cage to supply any material so that our birds can make their nest...
Ex Tax:0.82€
Inner portanido for canaries   Dim .: Ø cm. 10..
Ex Tax:1.03€
Internal carrier with metal hook.diameter 9.8 cmIdeal for the breeding of canaries and goldfinches.Very easy to clean..
Ex Tax:1.74€
- 2 compartment - With aeration - size 60x29x13cm..
Ex Tax:20.41€
- 3 compartment * size 60x29x13cm *..
Ex Tax:18.55€
- 2 compartment - size 42x24x13cm..
Ex Tax:13.64€
- 1 compartment * size 30x19x13cm *..
Ex Tax:8.76€
- 2 compartment * size 30x19x13cm *..
Ex Tax:11.16€
- including 2 plastic seed hopper and 1 fountain * size 38x29x25cm *..
Ex Tax:33.02€
Description of transportin 2 compartments Size 60x29x13cm Heesakkers Firm..
Ex Tax:15.66€
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